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Pediatric Psycho-Oncology Professionals
Abraham Bartell


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Abraham Bartell
First Name: Abraham

Last Name: Bartell

Position Title: Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist (MD / MBA); Assistant Member / Assistant Professor - Psychiatry & Pediatrics

Job Responsibilities: Combination of Research and Patient Care; Administrative duties; Teaching / training

Education/Training: Psychiatry

About Me/My interests: I am a child and adolescent psychiatrist and a pediatrician with experience working with medically ill children and their families. My current work focuses on children, adolescents, and young adults who have cancer or who have been affected by cancer, with an emphasis on individual and family-focused psychological support. I also have expertise in pediatric psychopharmacology in medically ill children.
My research interests focus on the impact of bone marrow transplants on the caregivers of the recipients, communications skills training in pediatric oncology, bereavement, and symptom management of pediatric cancer patients both in active treatment and post-treatment. I am working with my colleagues to evaluate approaches to managing physical symptoms (such as nausea, vomiting, and pain) and the emotional and cognitive effects of cancer and its treatment, with the goal of enhancing quality of life and relieving suffering.
In addition to patient care and research, I have an interest and experience in graduate medical education and I currently serve on the Department of Psychiatry’s training committee that oversees the psychosomatic medicine fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering.
Administratively, I am working on quality assurance and improvement in the area of psycho-oncology and on the recognition prevention and treatment of burn out and compassion fatigue in pediatric oncology & pediatric psycho-oncology.

Training Opportunities:Yes – psychosomatic medicine fellowship with a specialty track for pediatric psycho-oncology.

My Contact Information:

Address: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, 641 Lexington Avenue, 7thFloor New York New York 10022


Phone: 646-888-0023

Topics of Interest for Collaboration: Pediatric psychopharmacology, Communication Skills, Pediatric Psycho-oncology, Burnout & Compassion Fatigue

Publications that may be of interest to others:  

Bartell A, Kissane D. Issues In Pediatric Palliative Care: Understanding Families. Journal of Palliative Care. 2005 Autum;21(3):165-72

Shemesh E, Yehuda R, Rockmore L, Shneider B, Emre S, Bartell A, Schmeidler J, Annunziato R, Stuber M, Newcorn J. Assessment of Depression in Medically-ill Children Presenting to Pediatric Specialty Clinics. Journal of The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. 2005 Dec;44(12):1249-57

Levin TT, Li Y, Weiner JS, Lewis F, Bartell A, Piercy J, Kissane DW. How Do-not-resuscitate Orders Are Utilized in Cancer Patients: Timing Relative to Death and Communication-training implications. Palliative and Supportive Care. 2008 Dec;6(4):341-8

Treatment in Psychiatry: Infant Delirium in Pediatric Critical Care Setting, American Journal of Psychiatry 167:3, March 2010

Kearney J, Bartell A. Therapy with Pediatric & Adolescent Cancer Patients Handbook of Psychotherapies in Cancer Care, First Edition. 2011 16:177-187

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