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Pediatric Psycho-Oncology Professionals
Claire Wakefield


A photo of Clare Wakefield
Claire Wakefield
First Name: Claire

Last Name: Wakefield

Position Title: Program leader, Behavioural Sciences Unit, Centre for Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders, Sydney Children's Hospital

Job Responsibilities: Research

Education/Training: Psychology

About Me/My interests:

I currently lead a growing group of paediatric psycho-oncology research professionals: the Behavioural Sciences Unit in the Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Australia. You can read more about our team here:

My key research interests involve investigating the needs of children, adolescents and young adults with cancer, and their families. I am particularly interested in working with whole families affected by cancer, or by the threat of developing cancer in the future, including addressing the issues faced by parents, siblings and grandparents. Our team are currently coordinating three randomised controlled trials of psychological/behavioural interventions, to meet the needs of adolescents and young adults who have recently finished cancer treatment and to improve nutritional outcomes in younger survivors. We also have a strong research interest in bereavement, sleeping, educational issues for survivors and in e-mental health.

Training Opportunities: Yes

My Contact Information:

Address:  Kids Cancer Centre, Level 1 South, Sydney Children's Hospital, High Street, Randwick, NSW 2031, AUSTRALIA


Phone: 612 9385 9870

Topics of Interest for Collaboration: Paediatric psycho-oncology, family-centred intervention, education, preventive health, mental health

Publications that may be of interest to others:  

For an up-to-date list of publications, please see:

Wakefield, C.E., McLoone, J.K., Fleming, C.A.K., Peate, M., Thomas, E., Sansom-Daly, U., Butow, P., Cohn, R. (2012). Adolescent Cancer and Health-Related Decision-Making: An Australian Multi-Perspective Family Analysis of Appointment Attendance and Involvement in Medical and Lifestyle Choices. Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology. 2011/2012, 1(4): 173-180.

McLoone, J.K., Wakefield, C.E., Butow, P., Fleming, C.A.K., Cohn, R.J. (2011). Returning to school after adolescent cancer: A qualitative examination of Australian survivors’ and their families’ perspectives. Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology, 1(2): 87-94.

Sansom-Daly, U., Wakefield, C.E., Peate, M., Bryant, R., Cohn, R. (2011). A systematic review of psychological interventions for adolescents and young adults living with chronic illness. Health Psychology. 31(3), 380–393.

Cohen, J., Wakefield, C.E., Fleming, C.A.K., Gawthorne, R., Tapsell, L., Cohn, R.J. (2011). Child cancer survivors: Dietary intake after treatment. Pediatric Blood and Cancer. 58(5):752-757.

Wakefield, C.E., Butow, P., Fleming, C.A.K., Daniel, G., Cohn, R.J. (2011). Family information needs at childhood cancer treatment completion. Pediatric Blood and Cancer. 58: 621-626.


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