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Pediatric Psycho-Oncology Professionals
Cynthia Gerhardt

A photo of Cynthia GerhardtCynthia Gerhardt
First Name: Cynthia

Last Name: Gerhardt

Position Title: Associate Professor of Pediatrics & Psychology

Job Responsibilities: Research

Education/Training: Psychology

About Me/My interests: Dr. Gerhardt's research focuses on risk and resilience factors associated with family adjustment to bereavement and childhood chronic illnesses, such as cancer. In addition, she is currently involved in research that examines the impact of palliative care education, family communication, and behavioral interventions on the care and quality of life of families affected by childhood cancer.

Training Opportunities: Yes

My Contact Information:
Address: 700 Children’s Drive, Rm Jwest 4992, Columbus, OH 43205
Phone: (614) 722-3071

Topics of Interest for Collaboration: Bereavement, survivorship, family, coping, communication

Publications that may be of interest to others:
Gerhardt, C. A., Gutzwiller, J., Huiet, K. A., Vannatta, K., Fischer, S., & Noll, R. B. (2007). Parental adjustment to childhood cancer: A replication study. Journal of Families, Systems, and Health, 25, 263-275.

Robinson, K. E., Gerhardt, C. A., Vannatta, K., & Noll, R. B. (2009). Survivors of childhood cancer: The influence of early family factors on distress in emerging adulthood. Journal of Family Psychology, 23, 23-31.

Miller, K. S., Vannatta, K., Compas, B. E., Vasey, M., McGoron, K., Salley, C. G., & Gerhardt, C. A. (2009). The role of coping and temperament in the adjustment of children with cancer. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 34, 1135-1143.

Thompson, A. L., Gerhardt, C. A., Miller, K. S., Vannatta, K., & Noll, R. B. (2009). Survivors of childhood cancer and comparison peers: The influence of early peer factors on externalizing behavior in emerging adulthood. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 34, 1119-1128.

Gerhardt, C. A., Fairclough, D. L., Grossenbacher, J. C., Barrera, M., Gilmer, M. J., Foster, T. L., Compas, B. E., Davies, B., Hogan, N. S., & Vannatta, K. (in press). Peer relationships of bereaved siblings and comparison classmates after a child's death from cancer. Journal of Pediatric Psychology,

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