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Pediatric Psycho-Oncology Professionals
Sasja Schepers


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Sasja Schepers
First Name: Sasja

Last Name: Schepers

Position Title: PhD Student

Job Responsibilities: Research

Education/Training: Psychology

About Me/My interests:

My interest lies in the field of pediatric psychology. I have always find it important to translate research into clinical practice. Currently I am working on the IMPROVE project, which stands for IMplementation of Patient Reported Outcomes Via Electronics in pediatric oncology.

Training Opportunities: Yes

My Contact Information:

Address:  Psychosocial Department, Pediatrics, Academic Medical Centre/ Emma Children’s Hospital

Meibergdreef 9, 1105 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Phone: +31205661326

Topics of Interest for Collaboration: Pediatrics, psycho-oncology, PROs, Screening, electronics

Publications that may be of interest to others:  

Haverman L, van Oers HA, Limperg PF, Hijmans CT, Schepers SA, Sint Nicolaas SM, Verhaak CM, Bouts AHM, Fijnvandraat K, Peters M, van Rossum MA, van Goudoever, JB, Maurice-Stam H, Grootenhuis. MA Implementation of electronic Patient Reported Outcomes in pediatric daily clinical practice: The KLIK experience. Clinical practice in pediatric psychology, 2(1), 50-67.

Schepers, S. A., Engelen, V. E., Haverman, L., Caron, H. N., Hoogerbrugge, P. M., Kaspers, G. J. et al. (2014). Patient reported outcomes in pediatric oncology practice: Suggestions for future usage by parents and pediatric oncologists. Pediatr.Blood Cancer. doi: 10.1002/pbc.25034.

Schepers, S., Dekoviç, M., Feltzer, M., de Kleine, M., & van Baar, A. (2011). Drawings of very preterm-born children at 5 years of age: a first impression of cognitive and motor development? European Journal of Pediatrics, 11, 1476-8

Schepers, S., van Wassenaer, A., van Baar, A., Houtzager, B. (2009). Socio-emotional development of preterm born infants in relation to psychomotor development between 2 and 3 years of age. First Pediatric Psychology Symposium, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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