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Pediatric Psycho-Oncology Professionals
Sima Zadeh


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Sima Zadeh
First Name: Sima

Last Name: Zadeh

Position Title: Postdoctoral Fellow, Psychosocial Support and Research Program, Pediatric Oncology Branch, National Cancer Institute

Job Responsibilities: Combination of research and patient care

Education/Training: I attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, majoring in both Psychology and Political Science, before completing my doctorate in clinical psychology at the Georgia School of Professional Psychology. I completed my pre-doctoral internship in the Pediatric Behavioral Medicine program at Jackson Memorial Hospital and joined the Pediatric Psychosocial Support and Research Program in the Pediatric Oncology Branch of the National Cancer Institute in 2009.

About Me/My interests: I am trained as a clinical psychologist and have worked directly with the following populations: Pediatric Medicine, Adolescent Medicine, Infectious Disease (predominately HIV/AIDS), Pediatric Intensive Care, Burn, Trauma, Orthopedic, Renal Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Surgery, Transplant (cardiac, renal, liver, and multi-visceral) and Neurology. I have specific interests in adjustment to diagnosis/treatment, adherence, and death and dying.

Current Projects: Our current research is focused on parental needs and coping, children's distress, sibling issues, lone parenting, international transparenting, social isolation in medical isolation, pediatric amuptation, loss and bereavement and interventions designed to meet the needs of critically ill children and families. I enjoy developing new therapeutic and educational materials that help staff, children and their famiies with a variety of clinical issues.

 My Contact Information:
Address: National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, 10 Center Drive, Pediatric Clinic, 1-5460
Bethesda, MD 20892
Phone: 301-451-9110

Publications that may be of interest to others:  

Zadeh S & Wiener L. This is My World (2nd) National Institutes of Mental Health, 2011.

Zadeh S, Wiener L. Medicine and Your Child: A Guide for Parents on Pill Swallowing and Adherence. National Cancer Institute, 2011.

Zadeh S. Medical Isolation & Your Child’s Emotions: A Guide for Caregivers. National Cancer Institute, 2010.

Zadeh S, Wiener L. (2011). Improving patient and family well-being while on medical isolation through education and psychosocial interventions. Psycho- Oncology Society 20(Suppl. 2): pgs. 7-8.

Zadeh S, Wiener L, Battles H, Bosk  A., Widemann B, Hazra R, Wayne A,, Pao M. (2011.) Perceived benefit and burden for youth and their parents for participation in psychosocial research when undergoing treatment for cancer, NF-1, or HIV. Pediatric Blood & Cancer 56(7); 1156.




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