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Pediatric Psycho-Oncology Professionals
Tim Osborn Bryan Eden

First Name: Tim Osborn Bryan

Last Name: Eden

Position Title: Emeritus Professor of Paediatric and Adolescent Oncology, University of Manchester

Job Responsibilities: Research

Education/Training: Medical – Oncology and Haematology

About Me/My interests: During my undergraduate training I was able to undergo some training in supportive psychotherapy (cognitive behavioural therapy), as well as in medicine. That training plus some experience in adult psychiatry has helped me in my 40 year long clinical practice, predominantly in paediatric and adolescent oncology and haematology. I retired clinically in 2007 but have continued to analyse and report on my collaborative psycho-oncology research. I now devote most of my time to the development of links between resource rich and low income countries worldwide through our charity World Child Cancer but also continue as a medical adviser to the Teenage Cancer Trust (UK).

Training Opportunities: No

My Contact Information:

Address: 5 South Gillsland Road, Edinburgh EH10 5DE Scotland UK
Phone: 00 44 131 447 8749

Topics of Interest for Collaboration: Adherence, communication, consent, family functioning

Publications that may be of interest to others:  

EDEN O B, BLACK I, MacKINLAY G A, EMERY A E H. Communication with parents of children with cancer. Palliative Medicine (1994) 8: 105-114.

HILL J, KONDRYN H, MACKIE E, McNALLY R, EDEN T. Adult psychosocial functioning following childhood cancer: the different roles of sons’ and daughters relationships with their fathers and mothers. J of Child Psychol/Psychiatry 2003, 44:5, p752-762.

KONDRYN H, EDMONDSON C, HILL J, EDEN T. Treatment non-adherence in teenage and young adult cancer patients: a preliminary study of patient perceptions. Journal of Psycho-Oncology 2009 18: 1327 - 1232

KONDRYN HK, EDMONDSON CL, HILL JW, EDEN TOB. Treatment non-adherence in teenage and young adult cancer patients: A review. The Lancet Oncology 2011; 12: 100 – 108.

Byrne-Davis LMT, Salmon P, Gravenhorst K, Eden T, Young B. Balancing high accrual and ethical recruitment in paediatric oncology: a qualitative study of the ‘look and feel’ of clinical trial discussions. BMC Medical Research methodology 2010; 10: 101 (22 Oct 2010)

*New paper. Young B, Ward J, Salmon S, Gravenhorst K, Hill J, Eden T. Parents’ experiences of their chidlren’s presence in discussions with physicians about leukaemia. Pediatric 2011; 127: 1230 – 1238

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