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Pediatric Psycho-Oncology Professionals

Postdoctoral Fellowships in Pediatric Psychology
Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)

CHOC Children's Hospital (CHOC) is pleased to offer three postdoctoral fellowship positions in pediatric psychology for the 2014-2015 training year.

One post-doctoral fellowship is a one-year position with a primary focus on the Oncology service. The fellow will work with the Oncology medical team and the interdisciplinary psychosocial team (which includes psychologists, social workers, child life specialists, nurses, teachers, and chaplain) to provide coordinated services to children diagnosed with cancer and their families. The fellow will be involved in all aspects of oncology care including initial diagnosis, management of symptoms, coping, and palliative care and end of life issues. The fellow will also provide neuropsychological assessments to children with medical illnesses, with a focus on children with oncologic diagnoses. The fellow will take a leadership role in managing the psychosocial oncology service as he/she progresses through the training year. The fellow will participate in clinical research activities.

One post-doctoral fellowship is a one-year position with a primary focus on Consultation and Liaison. The fellow will work with the general Consultation and Liaison service providing consultation to all medical units in the hospital. Consult requests include the evaluation of unexplained pain disorders, conversion disorders, adjustment to new diagnoses, preparation for surgery or procedures, end of life issues, communication between families and the medical team, and assessment of high risk situations (suicide attempts, mental status changes). The fellow works closely with a variety of medical teams and disciplines including pediatrics residents, child and adolescent psychiatry fellows, nurses, social services, child life, physical, occupational, and speech therapy. The fellow will take a leadership role in helping to coordinate the consultation service, working closely with the psychology interns and child and adolescent psychiatry fellow. In addition the fellow runs psychosocial rounds on the medical-surgical floors. The fellow will also work with the UCI Center on Stress and Health, a joint research lab with the University of California Irvine Medical Center (UCIMC) and CHOC Children’s. The fellow will participate in ongoing research projects and complete a poster presentation and submit a manuscript for publication.

One post-doctoral fellowship is a one-year position with a primary focus on the psychological and neuropsychological aspects of Epilepsy in a pediatric. CHOC Children’s Epilepsy program was recently designated as a Level 4 Comprehensive Epilepsy Center and provides a broad range of services for children with Epilepsy and their families. The fellow will work with the interdisciplinary Neuroscience medical team (which includes neurologists, epileptologists, neurosurgeons, psychologists, social workers, child life specialists, psychiatrists, pharmacists, nurses, and chaplain) to provide coordinated services to children diagnosed with Epilepsy. In particular, duties will include, but are not limited to, participation in Pediatric Comprehensive Epilepsy clinics (e.g., Ketogenic Diet, Intractable Epilepsy), inpatient consultations on the Neuroscience Unit, neuropsychological evaluations, bedside evaluations, seminars and supervision, a research project examining the impact of Epilepsy on the child/family, experience with behavioral emergencies, helping to facilitate psychosocial rounds with the interdisciplinary Epilepsy team, and participating in community wide activities related to epilepsy.

All fellows will have the opportunity to work with interdisciplinary medical teams and provide pediatric inpatient consultation. The oncology and consultation liaison fellows will also have the opportunity to provide outpatient therapy for children with medical illnesses and general mental health conditions. All fellows may have the opportunity to teach medical students and residents. All fellows will have opportunities to provide supervision to practicum students and interns. Fellows will also participate in didactic seminars and trainings, including a specific post-doctoral seminar.

The Training Program is housed in the Department of Pediatric Psychology at CHOC Children’s, which provides comprehensive psychological services throughout CHOC Children’s Hospital. CHOC Children’s serves a socially and ethnically diverse community and supervision includes work with bilingual and bicultural psychologists and psychiatrists. For our bi-lingual/Spanish speaking trainees, a specialized program to increase comfort and competence in the provision of Spanish language services will be provided and opportunities exist for specialized training in bilingual assessment. A more detailed description of the fellowship program can be found at, or by emailing the Assistant Director of Training, Marni Nagel, Ph.D., at The CHOC Children’s psychology training program also includes an APA-accredited predoctoral internship. Completion of an APA-accredited doctoral training program is required; preference is given to those who have completed an APA-accredited internship.

Application Procedure
Please send a letter of interest (including why you are interested in the above position(s)), curriculum vitae, 3 letters of reference (one from an intern supervisor, one from a faculty member of your graduate program and one other of your choice), and a sample assessment report (with identifying information removed). Applicants may apply for more than one position (please specify in the letter of interest). Applications will be reviewed as they are received and interviews will be arranged for late January, 2014 and early February, 2014. The application deadline is Friday January 10, 2014.

Please send application materials to:
Marni Nagel, PhD
Assistant Director of Training
Department of Pediatric Psychology, CHOC Children’s Hospital of Orange County
1201 W. La Veta Ave,
Orange, CA 92868.
For further information, email:


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