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Cell & Molecular Biology Section: CMBS Staff

JulieAnn Rader, Special Volunteer

A photo of JulieAnn Rader, Special Volunteer
JulieAnn Rader, Special Volunteer

JulieAnn Rader’s interest in the sciences began early—as a junior in high school, she conducted agricultural research at the University of Minnesota, where she specifically evaluated the effects of nitrate fertilizer concentrations on nitrogen fixation by legumes. However, after taking a variety courses in molecular biology and experiencing first-hand the struggles of multiple cancer patients as a volunteer EMT for New York’s Madison County, JulieAnn’s interests shifted from agriculture and plant biology to the molecular and heath sciences. Currently, JulieAnn is a senior at Colgate University majoring in molecular biology, and is afforded the unique opportunity to do five months of undergraduate research at the NIH through a study group program offered by Colgate. During her time at the cell and molecular biology section of the pediatric oncology branch, she will attempt to elucidate the mechanisms by which CASZ1, a zing-finger transcription factor and candidate tumor suppressor, arrests cell cycle progression of neuroblastoma cell lines.

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