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Patient Consultations

All patients treated at the NCI are enrolled on an investigational protocol.   To determine if your child is eligible for a study or to get a recommendation for treatment, we perform film consultations, which are free of charge.  Basic information needed for a film consultation include 1) copies of the most recent MRI scan on CD, 2) copies of MRI scan prior to the last treatment, 3) copies of MRI scans at diagnosis, 4) a medical summary (generally written by a physician) including dates and doses of all prior treatment and a recent history and physical examination, 5) tumor tissue or pathology reports if applicable and available, 6) contact information for recommendations (we will give results to the parent/caregiver and/or primary physician).  Information should be sent to the following address:

Kathy Warren, M.D.
c/o Jennifer Rabb
Pediatric Oncology Branch/Neuro-Oncology Section
National Cancer Institute
10 Center Drive
Bldg 10 CRC, Rm 1W-5750
Bethesda, Maryland 20892-1100

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