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Neurobehavioral Program


As part of the Behavioral Sciences Core, the primary aim of the Neurobehavioral Group is to conduct a systematic collaborative research program to support the scientific efforts of the NCI and other NIH Institutes.  The two main objectives of our research are:

  1. to investigate the effects of the disease and treatment on the neuropsychological functioning of children and adults with chronic medical illness through comprehensive, longitudinal assessments, and
  2. to investigate the causes of central nervous system dysfunction by exploring the relationships between neuropsychological functioning and disease markers, neurologic and neuroimaging abnormalities, biomedical and genetic variables, and environmental and psychological factors. 

The Neurobehavioral Group is involved in numerous medical protocols through collaborations with principal investigators from several NCI branches (POB, ROB, HAMB, ETIB) and NIH institutes (NHLBI, NIAID, NHGRI, NIMH) for children through adults with medical conditions including primary CNS tumors, brain metastases, neurofibromatosis type 1, sickle cell disease, and HIV infection.  We also develop separate neuropsychological protocols and collaborate with the Psychosocial Program to investigate more specific areas of interest that may include medication adherence, quality of life, positive adaptation to illness, and remediation of cognitive impairments. 

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