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Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics

The PET Section has a longstanding history and a strong track record for training successful clinical researchers under leadership by Drs. David Poplack (until 1993), and subsequently Dr. Frank Balis (Section Head from 1993 to 2009).

Former trainees include Dr. Carola Arndt, Dr. Peter Adamson, Dr. Susan Blaney, Dr. Stacey Berg, Dr. Mahendra Patel, Dr. Katherine Warren, Dr. Brigitte Widemann, Dr. Elizabeth Fox, Dr. Brenda Kitchen, Dr. Asher Moser, Dr. Wanda Salzer, Dr. Aaron Pitney, Dr. Jignesh Dalal, Dr. Shana Jacobs, and Dr. Holly Meany.

The PET Section is currently led by Dr. Brigitte Widemann.

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