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Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Section and Genetic Tumor Predisposition Program: Staff

PET Section and POB Clinical Trials support staff: Alberta Aikin RN, Trish Whitcomb RN, Andy Gillespie RN, Andrea Baldwin, PNP, Anne Goodwin RN, Wendy Goodspeed RN, Kate Tepas RN

The PET Section and POB research nurses have great expertise and have been highly committed to the coordination of early clinical trials for children and young adults with refractory cancers or genetic tumor predisposition syndromes.

a photo of Ms. Andy Gillespie
Ms. Andy Gillespie
a photo of Ms. Andrea Baldwin
Ms. Andrea Baldwin
Ms. Andy Gillespie and Ms. Andrea Baldwin are coordinating and supporting predominantly NF1 clinical trials. For questions regarding NF1 trials, please contact Ms. Andy Gillespie (phone: 301-402-1848, e-mail: ) or Ms. Andrea Baldwin (phone 201-594-9976, e-mail: ).
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a photo of Ms. Alberta Aikin
Ms. Alberta Aikin
a photo of Ms. Trish Whitcomb
Ms. Trish Whitcomb
Ms. Alberta Aikin and Ms. Trish Whitcomb coordinate the phase I/II trial of vandetanib for medullary thyroid carcinoma. For questions regarding this trial, please contact Ms. Aikin (phone: 301-496-0128, e-mail: ), or Ms. Whitomb (phone: 301-496-0128, e-mail: ). Ms Aikin and Ms. Whitcomb will also be available for questions regarding other PET Section trials directed at refractory cancers.
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a photo of Ms. Anne Goodwin
Ms. Anne Goodwin
a photo of Ms. Wendy Goodspeed
Ms. Wendy Goodspeed
a photo of Ms. Kate Tepas
Ms. Kate Tepas


Ms. Anne Goodwin, Ms. Wendy Goodspeed, and Ms. Kate Tepas support cancer and NF1 clinical trials. Ms. Goodwin and Ms. Goodspeed also serve as the responsible research nurses for COG Phase I Consortium studies.

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