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Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Section and Genetic Tumor Predisposition Program: Staff

Permanent laboratory support staff

A photo of the Permanent laboratory support staff: Robert Murphy, Diane Cole, Nalini Jayaprakash
Permanent laboratory support staff

The PET Section is fortunate to have 3 permanent technical laboratory support staff (Ms. Diane Cole, Mr. Robert Murphy, Ms. Nalini Jayaprakash) each of whom have provided support to the section for more than 16 years. They provide the expertise to support the quantitative analysis of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic endpoints for non-human primate studies, in vitro studies, and clinical trials. Assays used include plate assays (ELISAs, RIA, functional assays), analysis of heavy metal compounds by atomic absorption spectrometry, and analysis of small molecules by HPLC with a variety of detection methods (UV, fluorescence, electrochemistry, and mass spectrometry). The PET Section is collaborating with POB investigators and with investigators outside of the POB.

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