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Psychosocial Support and Translational Research Program

an image of Dr. Wiener and a patientThe Pediatric Oncology Branch is truly committed to the psychological, social and emotional well being of our patients and their family members.  

As part of the comprehensive care provided at the Pediatric Oncology Branch of the National Cancer Institute, a wide  range of support services are offered to ¬†patients and their families. These services are designed to address the social, psychological, emotional, and practical facets of pediatric cancer and to support patients and families while they are enrolled in clinical research  protocols.

Research is another critical component of the psychosocial program. Our research studies are designed to learn how to best help patients and their families prepare for, adjust to, and cope with the effects of cancer and other related medical conditions while enrolled on research protocols in several NCI Branches and NIH Institutes. Our current research is aimed at examining parental needs and coping, children's coping and distress, sibling issues, mental health challenges, adolescent and young adult issues, and interventions, such as workbooks and board games designed to meet the needs of critically ill children and their families.  

Patients and families are invited to participate in psychosocial  research protocols while they are undergoing treatment at the NCI. You and your child may be eligible to participate in some of the current research initiatives. Please note that the starred studies are also available for individuals who are Spanish-language dominant.

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