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2011 POB Branch Staff Photo

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Pediatric Oncology Branch Staff List A - Z
Name Position Section Phone E-mail
Abel, Brittany


BEHSCI 496-0561
Ahsan, Sama Clinical Fellow   496-4256
Aikin, Alberta Special Volunteer OOTC 496-4256
Akshintala, Srivandana Special Volunteer PETS 594-6052
Albert, Catherine Clinical Fellow   496-4256

Annesley, Colleen

JHU 496-4256 
Aplan, Peter Genetics
Branch, CCR
POB 435-5005
Ariyo, Tdu Fellow BMTS 827-1749
Arnaldez, Fernanda Clinical Fellow
Helman Lab
MOS 451-7014
Baird, Kristin Staff
OOTC 451-0391
Baldwin, Andrea Nurse
PETS 594-9976
Battles, Haven Biostatistics Spec. BEHSCI
Bernstein, Donna Nurse
IMMUN 435-7804
Billings, Nia Psychometrician BEHSCI 402-0561
Bogen, Dominik Fellow ONCOGEN 443-3151

Brohl, Andrew Clinical Fellow POB 496-4916

Buckley, John Sr. Research Tech OOTC 496-9634
Burns, Katherine Special Volunteer BEHSCI 402-0561  
Buxbaum, Nataliya Clinical Fellow
Gress Lab
POB 435-3547
Chanock, Stephen Executive Director
Camp Fantastic
POB 435-7559
Chen, Li Bioinformation Specialist ONCOGEN 594-5410
Chen, Qingrong Contractor/SAIC Program Analyst ONCOGEN 402-9074
Cheuk, Tai Fellow ONCOGEN 402-9217
Chien, Christopher Fellow BMTS 451-7033
Cole, Diane Biologist PETS 496-1757
Cooper, Stacy Clinical Fellow   496-4256
Cui, Yongzhi (Karen) Research
IMMUN 402-1298
Cunningham, Lea Clinical Fellow
Liu Lab/NIH
POB 402-1371
Delbrook, Cindy Sr. Nurse Specialist HEM/DIS 496-9454
DePollar, Sherri Patient Care Coordinator POB 451-9154
Derdak, Joanne Nurse
OOCD 451-9157
Dombi, Eva Biologist PETS 451-7023
Ellison, Linda Clinical Research Nurse NEURO 402-1853
Epps, Anita Program Assistant TMBS 451-6512
Fry, Terry Investigator
Head, Blood and Marrow Transplant Section
BMTS 402-0215
Galil, Joan Social Worker   496-3005
Gharpure, Radhika Fellow TMBS 451-6512
Giles, Amber Fellow TMES 451-7036
Gillespie, Andy Sr. Nurse Specialist PETS 402-1848
Glynn, Clare Program Specialist OOTC 451-7054
Goodspeed, Wendy Nurse
OOTC 594-4762
Goodwin, Anne Nurse Specialist OOTC 594-4762
Haso, Waleed Fellow BMTS 594-3413
He, Jianbin Program Analyst/SAIC ONCOGEN 435-9198
He, Stanley Fellow CMBS 496-0305
Helman, Lee Scientific Director  Clinical  Research;
Head, MOS
POB 496-4257
Heske, Christine Clinical Fellow   496-4256
Highfill, Steven Fellow IMMUN 594-3413
Huo, Jeffery Clinical Fellow POB 496-4256
Hurd, Laura Research Biologist ONCOGEN 402-2565
Jarosinski, Paul Pharmacist POB 496-0091
Jayaprakash, Nalini Chemist PETS 402-6642
Kakumanu, Showri Data Manager Harris IT 496-2319
Kaplan, Rosandra (Rosie) Investigator & Head, Tumor Micro- Environment Section TMES 496-1735
Kasai, Miki Biologist TMES 496-2318
Khan, Javed

Principal Investigator

Head, Oncogeonomics Section

ONCOGEN 435-2937
Khanna, Chand

Principal Investigator
Head, Tumor & Metastasis Biology


TMBS 594-3406
Kim, AeRang Special Volunteer PETS 451-7025
Koyen, Allyson Fellow TMBS 451-6512
Ladle, Brian Clinical Fellow POB 496-4256
Lee, Calvin Clinical Fellow POB 496-4256
Lee, Daniel (Trey) Clinical Fellow
Mackall Lab
IMMUN 435-6236
Levine, Jason Staff Clinician OOTC 240-276-5557
Li, Samual Fellow ONCOGEN 402-9217
Li, Zhijie (Gigi) Research Fellow CMBS 451-7046
Liao, Hongling Contractor ONCOGEN 402-9031
Liu, Zhihui Research Fellow CMBS 496-2321
Lizardo, Michael Visiting Fellow TMBS 451-6512
Llosa, Nicolas Clinical Fellow POB 496-4256
Long, Adrienne Hart Fellow IMMUNO 451-7028
Long, Lauren Nurse Specialist MOS 496-0486
Lopomo, Pada Fellow IMMUNO 451-7043
Mackall, Crystal POB Chief; Head, Immunology IMMUN 402-5940
Martin, Allison Clinical Fellow POB 410-614-2948  
Mazcko, Christina Biologist COP 402-8634
McCully, Cindy Biologist NEURO 496-5146
Meltzer, Paul POB Attending POB 496-5266
Mendoza, Arnulfo Biologist MOS 402-9617
Menke, Candace Protocol Specialist OOTC 451-5007
Merchant, Melinda Staff Clinician IMMUN 443-7955
Moore, Terri Patient Coordinator POB 451-9156

Murphy, Robert Chemist PETS 451-7022
Nikitina, Kate Data Manager Harris IT 827-0595
Oh, Doo-Yi Visitng Fellow CMBS 496-0305
O’Neill, Keith Data Mgmt. Supervisor Harris IT 451-4941
Onishi, Toshihiro

Clinical Fellow

Khan Lab

POB 496-4256
Orentas, Rimas Associate Scientist IMMUN 451-5897
Paoloni, Melissa Staff Scientist COP 451-2937
Parry, Christian Biologist IMMUNO 402-8103
Peron, Staci Staff Scientist/Psychologist BEHSCI 435-3964
Qin, Haiying Biologist BMTS 451-2960
Rabb, Jeniffer Secretary PETS & NEURO 496-7103

Ramu, Eyal Fellow MOS 451-7018

Ren, Ling Biologist TMBS 402-0011
Richards, Kelly Sr. Nurse Specialist HEM DIS 402-1387
Richmond, Vicki Fellowship Specialist ,
Asst. A. Wayne,
POB Clinic Director
OOCD 402-3425
Saunders, Richard IT Specialist POB 402-0203
Savage, Sharon Investigator DCEG 496-5785
Shah, Nirali Clinical Fellow
(Hem/Onc Section)
OOCD 451-0390
Shern, John (Jack)

Clinical Fellow

(Khan Lab)

POB 402-8754
Sindiri, Sivasish

Bioinformation Specialist

POB 402-8754
Song, Young Biologist ONCOGEN 435-7879
Steffen-Smith, Emilie Biologist NEURO 402-1902
Sylar, Elise Fellow IMMUNO 435-3355
Tamula, Mary Ann Psychometrician
BEHSCI 435-3965
Tercyek, Kenneth Research Fellow POB 435-3965

Terwilliger Fellow MOS 451-3816

Thiele, Carol Head, Cell and Molecular Biology CMBS 496-1543
Trucco, Matteo Clinical Fellow JHU 410-502-2729

Veschi, Veronica Fellow CMBS 451-7050

Wan, Xiaolin Biologist MOS 451-7013
Wang, Jianjun Programmer ONCOGEN 443-1395
Warren, Kathy Principal Investigator NEURO 435-4683
Wasserstrom, Heather Clinical Fellow POB 496-4256
Wayne, Alan POB Clinical Director/Head, Behavior Science HEM DIS
Wei, Jun Staff Scientist ONCOGEN 402-9031
Wen, Xinyu Program Analyst ONCOGEN 443-3651
Whitcomb, Trish Nurse Specialist PETS 496-0128
Widemann, Brigitte Head, Pharmacology & Experiemtnal Therapeutics PETS 496-7387
Wiener, Lori Staff Scientist BEHSCI 451-9148
Williams, Kirsten Asst. Clinical Investigator ETIB 435-6456
Wolters, Pam Staff Scientist/
BEHSCI 496-0562
Wylie, Luke Fellow CMBS 496-0305
Yan, Shuang Research Fellow MOS 451-7044
Yarullina, Olima Data Manager Harris IT 443-3816
Yeung, Choh Biologist MOS 496-2955
Zadeh, Sima Fellow BEHSCI 451-9510
Zhang, Hua Biologist IMMUN 451-7029
Zhang, Ling Biologist IMMUNO 451-7027
Zhang, Shile GPP Fellow ONCOGEN 402-3831
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