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Training Opportunities

Predoctoral Fellowships

Image of a Predoctoral Fellow by her posterThe Pediatric Oncology Branch provides a stimulating and nurturing environment for individuals who have recently completed baccalaureate degrees and are seeking an opportunity to engage in biomedical research for 1-2 years prior to graduate school.  Post-baccalaureate CRTAs (Cancer Research Training Awardees) working in the Pediatric Oncology Branch are mentored by a Principal Investigator, and work closely with scientific teams that include senior research fellows, biologists, clinical fellows and staff scientists.  Depending upon which research team they work with, studies could involve genomics, animal models, immunology, cancer biology, signal transduction, cancer imaging or drug development.  Post-baccalaureate CRTAs participate in the Pediatric Oncology Branch Research Seminar Series, the POB Annual Research Roundup, the NIH Postbac Poster Day, journal clubs, lab meetings and NIH sponsored training sessions. POB post-baccalaureate fellows routinely go on to receive graduate degrees in medicine, science or other fields.  Application instructions and details regarding the program can be found at:

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